About Us

Casa Armonía is a private eco-tropical home that is located in a mountainous and tropical rainforest environment traveling directly east from Playa Dominical on the scenic highway that leads toward San Isidro El General. The drive from Casa Armonía to the beach in Playa Dominical is a trip of roughly 10 minutes. The property is completely surrounded by the rain forest, yet the ocean can still be seen in the distance on any day and the sounds of waves crashing on the shore can be heard echoing up the hill slopes at night, which adds to the already fantastic sounds of the jungle.

La Costa Ballena

Ballena National Park is named for the Humpback Whales that migrate to this coastline on an annual basis. The migrations typically occur from December through April. During this extended stay along the coastline, the whales will mate before returning to the frigid waters of the north Pacific. Marino Ballena also has the largest coral reef on the Pacific coast of Central America. This rich biodiversity is prized the world over by adventurers, nature lovers and conservationists, scuba divers and anyone and everyone that is continually amazed at the beauty of the natural environment and the diversity of the animal kingdom.

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