If you are interested in staying on this property, please review the Casa Armonía RENTAL AGREEMENT.

To stay at Casa Armonía the minimum rental period is 3 days. Rental rates follow a similar pattern for the rest of Costa Rica. There is a Peak Season (Dry Season) which roughly begins on December 1st through May 31st, and the Green Season (Wet Season) which roughly corresponds to the period beginning June 1st through November 30th.

Rental rates for Casa Armonía throughout the year are as follows – beginning with inception of Peak Season. *NOTE: all rates are reflected in US dollars.

  • November 19th through December 18th     $100 USD/night
  • December 19th through January 5th            $150 USD/night
  • January 6th through February 16th              $100 USD/night
  • February 17th through February 24th         $150 USD/night
  • February 25th through April 30th                 $100 USD/night
  • May 1st through June 30th                              $  90 USD/night
  • July 1st through August 31st                           $100 USD/night
  • September 1st through November 18th       $  80 USD/night

In regards to long term rentals, Casa Armonía is certainly available for such an opportunity. If you are interested in staying in the region for an extended period, please send us an email and let us know your tentative plans. We’ll then work together to find a way for you to live on the property for an extended stay at a reduced price.